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Wednesday, 16. January 2013. 12:10

Meeting Ms. Drobnjak – Mr. Numanović

Chairwoman of the Gender Equality Committee, Ms. Nada Drobnjak, held talks today with the Minister for Human and Minority Rights, Mr. Suad Numanović, Dr 

Chairwoman of the Committee acquainted the Minister with previous activities regarding exercising of gender equality and improving the position of women in Montenegro, conducted by the Government, the Parliament, as well as NGOs, which gave a significant contribution to this topic in Montenegrin society.

During the conversation, Minister Numanović emphasized significance of more active and more intensive work of all state bodies aimed at achieving equality between women and men in practice, through implementation of legal solutions, and full respect of international standards.

Also, the need for stronger promotion of gender equality in educational system on all levels was pointed out, starting with pre-school institutions, as well as strong acting aimed at achieving balanced distribution of obligations and responsibilities between women and men in private and professional life. As especially significant topics, higher participation of women in political and public life were emphasized, as well as stimulation of female entrepreneurship and decrease of violation against women.

During the conversation, the need for more intensive cooperation in this field between the Gender Equality Committee and the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights was emphasized. Interlocutors agreed that close cooperation of legislative and executive power was directed at improving female human rights and achieving of equality.

Cooperation of the parliamentary committee and Department for Gender Equality was recognized in the previous activities, especially regarding drafting of Activities Plan for achieving gender equality for the period of 2013-2017, that should be adopted by the Government soon.