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Skupština Crne Gore
Friday, 15. May 2015. 15:39

Chairperson of Gender Equality Committee participates in Regional Conference “Political Activism of Women in Montenegro – Regional Experiences”

Study “Political Activism of Women in Montenegro” presented

Chairperson of the Gender Equality Committee Nada Drobnjak participated in the Regional Conference “Political Activism of Women in Montenegro – Regional Experiences”, where the study “Political Activism of Women in Montenegro” was presented. The study contains conclusions and public opinion polls on political participation of women, a comparative overview of various institutional models, and concrete recommendations for improvement of situation with regard to low participation of women in political life of Montenegro. Chairperson of the Committee spoke within the panel: “Women in Politics: parties and political participation”.

The Conference discussions covered the reasons due to which women cannot deal with the most significant political issues and their participation in the key decision-making processes. Based on their countries’ experiences, the panellists from the countries in the region (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia) contributed to the quality of discussion and conclusions on the following topics: “Women in Politics: parties and political participation” and “Women and their political influence in the Western Balkans”.

The Conference was organised by the Center for Monitoring and Research in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Shtiftung.