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Tuesday, 12. February 2013. 12:43

Dance “Strike, Dance, Rise“

The Parliament of Montenegro to join the global campaign “One Billion Rising”, a protest of violence against women.

The Parliament of Montenegro will join the global campaign “One Billion Rising”, a protest of violence against women, by dancing with the song  “Strike, Dance, Rise“, on Wednesday, 13th February 2013, at 3:00 pm, in the Parliament Hall, after which the press conference will be held.

By dancing with the song “Break the chain”, specially composed for the opportunity, MPs, as well as employees of the Parliament of Montenegro, will symbolically join billions of men and women all over the world, in more than 190 countries, who will dance day later in the same time as a support for women who suffer violence.

Members of the European Parliament have already organized a similar action in the UK Parliament as well, and the initiative was supported by a number of public figures, including European Commissioner, Ms. Viviane Reding. The campaign was initiated by a global activist movement ”V Day”.  

Cameramen/photo-reporters may record the beginning of the event. In case they do not possess permanent accreditations for reporting on parliament activities, they are to request accreditation no later than Wednesday, 13th February 2013, until 12:00 pm, in writing via fax 245-125, or mail