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Skupština Crne Gore
Monday, 04. July 2016. 11:44

Gender Equality Committee holds its 65th meeting

At its meeting held today, the Committee considered and accepted the Report on Implementation of the Implementation Programme 2015-2016 for 2015 of the Activity Plan for Achieving Gender Equality (PAPRR) 2013-2017.

The Report on Implementation of the Implementation Programme of the Activity Plan for Achieving Gender Equality for 2015 was prepared by the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, in cooperation with all relevant institutions both at the national and the local level, as well as with the NGO sector. For the first time, the Report was provided in a tabular overview, with information obtained from contacts from responsible institutions, which were recognised as bearers of activities or partners in implementation of measures from the PAPRR.

In the reporting period, there was a promotion of legislative and strategic framework. The following was adopted: Law on Amendments to the Law on Gender Equality, Law on Prohibition of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, Law on Amendments to the Law on Free Legal Aid, Law on Compensation of Victims of Criminal Acts, Development Strategy of Women’s Entrepreneurship, Strategy on Protection against Domestic Violence.

Gender equality policy was significantly improved at the local level, through joint cooperation of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, OSCE Mission to Montenegro, as well as local self-governments. In 2015, memorandums of understanding were signed regarding development and improvement of the gender equality policy at the local level with 7 more municipalities, thus completing the process, and now such memoranda of understanding had been signed with all municipalities in Montenegro.

In the reporting period a large number of trainings was organised for various target groups (public administration bodies, local self-government bodies, prosecutor’s office, judiciary, the police, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, social services centres, media, RE population, NGOs, and other).

The Report has shown that out of prescribed measures of the PAPRR Implementation Programme 21 measures were implemented, that 91 measures were being continuously implemented, that 7 measures were partly implemented, as well as that 7 measures were not implemented. This Report also marks 18 measures which are not yet due to be reported on, and which will be reported on in the following report.

Under the item of the agenda “Current issues”, they discussed the upcoming activities, as well as the activities carried out between the meetings.

The meeting was attended by: Head of the Department for Gender Equality Affairs Ms Biljana Pejović and Secretary of the Gender Equality Council at the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights Ms Tatjana Anđelić.