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Friday, 18. July 2014. 14:36

Committee on Health, Labour and Social Welfare holds its 52nd meeting

Drug consumption in Montenegro analysed 

Aside from the members of the Committee, the 52nd meeting, held today, was also attended by the Minister of Health, Miodrag Radunović, Chief of Staff of the Minister of Health, Dražen Ljumović, Spokesman at the Ministry of Health, Tijana Boljević, Director of the Health Fund, Kenan Hrapović, Assistant to the Director of the Health Fund, Ružica Milutinović-Đurišić, Director of pharmaceutical institutes “Montefarm”, Budo Stanišić, Director of the Medical Centre Podgorica, Nebojša Kavarić and the Director of the Agency for Medicines, Milorad Drljević.

Minister of Health, Miodrag Radunović, pointed out that there was a practice in Montenegro of irrational prescribing of drugs, i.e. drug issuance contrary to their established mode of issuance. In 2011 Montenegro had the highest consumption of drugs in the region, and in 2012 and 2013, thanks to the measures, as the most important strict accession issuance control of medicines on prescription, drug spending in Montenegro was significantly reduced. Minister of Health pointed out that a large number of people used drugs contrary to doctor’s prescriptions, not observing the ways of taking - or the dosage.

Following the comprehensive discussion that was led at the meeting, the Committee members agreed that the professional service of the Committee asked the Ministry of Health for the conclusions that would be forwarded to members of the Committee and that would be considered at one of the following meetings.

In addition, an information system that was introduced in the health care system was given support, which contributes to reduction of irrational consumption of drugs, because it was stressed as important, every prescribed drug was in fact citizens' money and someone had to take responsibility for the issuance of drugs contrary to the established mode of issuance.