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Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Suljo Mustafić to participate in the "European Youth Summit: 100 for the Next 100 in the Danube Region", which is to be held in Sarajevo, in the period 4-8 June. 

Founder of the ″Barack Obama Hussein Senior″ Foundation, Mr Malik Obama, visited Municipality of Bar and the newly built Islamic Center 

At the meeting, they expressed satisfaction with good cooperation between China and Montenegro in all fields

Vice-president of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Suljo Mustafić, member of the Parliament, Mr Borislav Banović and NATO Director General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms Dragana Radulović, had number of meetings with representatives of German state institutions and Bundestag, as part of the study visit intended for experts in the field of security.

The Vice President voiced pleasure over traditionally good cooperation between the two countries 

Thursday, 20. February 2014. 15:04

Meeting Mr Šturanović – Mr Posa

Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Željko Šturanović will receive tomorrow the Ambassador of Hungary Mr Krisztian Posa.

Regional meeting of parliamentary working bodies competent for human rights and rights of the child with the ombudspersons for children of regional countries, organised on the topic: Rights of the Child: Promotion of the Position of a Child Aimed at Protection from All Forms of Exploitation, started in Danilovgrad. 

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