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It has been concluded that the role and significance of the Parliament of Montenegro was getting stronger in the control process, and that the mechanisms for implementation of the public budget control needed to be further enhanced.

It was pointed out that Montenegro, as a member state, is expected to create sustainable legislative framework which will allow full compliance of the Energy Law and the Law on Energy Efficiency with existing and new directives of the Energy Community.

The Delegation of the Committee on Budget of the European Parliament will pay a two-day visit to Montenegro on 5th and 6th April, 2013.

Amendments to financial plans of the six independent regulatory bodies supported.

MPs Mr. Aleksandar Damjanović, Mr. Almer Kalač and Mr. Mladen Bojanić will familiarize with the work of this Secretariat and exchange opinions with its experts.

Chairman of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget Mr. Aleksandar Damjanović met with the representatives of SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management) who paid an official visit to Montenegro.

At the fourth continuation of the Fifth Meeting, the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget did not support the Proposal for the Conclusion on the manner of realisation of Parliament’s conclusions, from 29th February 2012.

Voting on the Information of the Government on the manner of implementation of conclusions of the Parliament of Montenegro from 29th February 2012, with the proposal of conclusions, postponed no later than Monday 25th March 2013.

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