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Meeting of the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments, as an advisory body to the Inter-Parliamentary Union, is being held simultaneously with the session of the IPU Assembly, from 18 to 22 October in Geneva

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Siniša Stanković, met today in Zagreb with Ms Lidija Bagarić, Secretary General of the Croatian Parliament

Secretary General of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr Siniša Stanković, with his associates, met Secretary General of the National Assembly of Serbia Ms Jana Ljubičić in Belgrade today. At the meeting, views and experiences relating to the work of parliamentary services were exchanged, primarily with the aim of providing better expert help to MPs.

Stanković: “Providing the best possible professional support to MPs remains a priority of the Service of the Parliament of Montenegro”

At today's meeting of the Secretaries General of European Union Parliaments and candidate countries, which was being held in Italy this year, the country which chaired the European Union during the second half of the last year, several issues had been reviewed important for the work of national parliaments, especially from the point of adopting higher quality legislation at the EU level and the role of parliaments in controlling the principle of subsidiarity, in accordance with the Treaty of Lisbon. 

Wednesday, 11. March 2015. 13:33

Meeting Mr Stanković – Mr Cammarata

Current affairs of the Parliament considered

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