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Skupština Crne Gore

The 2015 Performance Report of the Central Bank of Montenegro as well as the 2015 Performance Report of the Financial Stability Forum supported

Proposal for Conclusions supported and financial operations reports and performance reports of two independent regulatory bodies considered

The Committee held a control hearing with regard to the negative opinion on the financial audit and conditional opinion on auditing the regularity by the State Audit Institution concerning the 2014 Financial Report of the PI Musical Centre of Montenegro.

Due to the lack of quorum for work and valid decision-making, the 139th meeting of the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget, which should have been held today, has been postponed

The Committee supported an initiative for control hearing and Proposal for Conclusions

The Committee considered supplements to the 2015 Report on Use of Financial Resources of the Parliament and Parliamentary Service, with Report on Public Procurement

Control hearing for the purpose of determining facts and circumstances with regard to validity of the issued guarantee, in line with Annex to the Contract, on completing construction works on the hotel “As” in Perazića Do.

The Committee considered four items of the agenda

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