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Meeting to be held on Friday, 26 June, at the Red Room of the Parliament of Montenegro, at 15:00

We are publishing a complete letter by Mr Roberto Savio, President Emeritus of Inter Press Service IPS, who asked that it be made public. 

On day two of the Interparliamentary Conference "Towards independent and modern judicial systems in the enlargement countries", organised by the Parliament of Montenegro and the European Parliament, the participants discussed judicial cooperation, moving from the Hague Conventions to EU regulations and regional judicial cooperation, fight against corruption in the judiciary, as well as judicial system reforms in the Western Balkans. 

At the XVIII Cetinje Parliamentary Forum, dedicated to the subject of "Women in Business", experiences and recommendations for further development of women's entrepreneurship were exchanged. The aim of the forum was to create a more favorable business environment and improve the conditions which would, in the best way, encourage women to participate more in business 

Pursuant to Article 86 paragraph 4 of the Law on Prevention of Corruption, the Commission for conducting the election of members of the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption, submits to the Anti-corruption Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro the following list of five candidates for the election of members of the Council of the Agency for Prevention of Corruption:

MPs of MP Group of Albanian parties (FORCA, AA), HGI and LPCG and MP Group of Bosniak Party today met with Head of the European Union Delegation to Montenegro Mr Mitja Drobnič and Advisor for European Integration and Human Rights at the European Union Delegation to Montenegro Ms Barbara Rotovnik.

Upon the invitation of Vice President of the Parliament of Montenegro and Chairperson of the Friendship Group for cooperation with the Parliament of France Mr Branko Radulović, the Friendship Group of the National Assembly of France with Montenegro will pay an official visit to Montenegro, in the period 15-18 June.

Red Room, 16 June 2015

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