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Skupština Crne Gore
Tuesday, 29. October 2013. 13:04

50th COSAC meeting held

Adopted recommendations pointing out the importance of implementing the “fundamentals first principle”

Monday, 28. October 2013. 15:55

50th COSAC meeting started in Vilnius

On the agenda – Elections for the European of 2014 and Implementation of the Strategy Europe 2020 

A positive opinion was given on the Report on Negotiation Chapter 3 – Right of establishment and freedom to provide services, the Report on Honouring of Commitments in Negotiation Chapter 25 – Science and Research, the Report on Honouring of Commitments in Negotiation Chapter 26 – Education and Culture, and the 32nd Quarterly Report on Total Activities within the EU Stabilisation and Association Process was considered.

Committee members spoke with the Director General of the EC Enlargement Directorate Mr Christian Danielsson, unanimously adopting the amendment to the proposal for the Resolution on Manner, Quality and Dynamics of the Integration Process of Montenegro to the European Union, relating to stronger role of the Committee on European Integration in the negotiation process. 

2013 Progress Report on Montenegro presented 

Possible challenges on absorption and oversight of IPA 2 funds emphasised 

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