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The topic of the meeting was the position of Roma and Egyptian women in Montenegro, with emphases to arranged marriages.

Chairwoman of the Gender Equality Committee Ms. Nada Drobnjak was a keynote speaker at the first national Conference “Forced and Arranged Marriages”, held in Podgorica today, on the occasion of the International Day of Roma.

The possibility of cooperation with special regard to gender mainstreaming of the security sector considered.

The UN System representative, Mr. Benjamin Perks, with his associates, Ms. Olivera Komar, professor, representative of the agency Defacto, Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights and Freedoms Dr. Halil Duković and certain members of that Committee, and MP Ms. Zorica Kovačević participated at the meeting.

Topic - “Post-millennium consultations, consideration of gender dimension” -

Friday, 08. March 2013. 10:30

Session of the “Women Parliament”

The Gender Equality Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro is to hold the Session of the “Women Parliament” on 8th March, 2013, at 11:00 am in the Plenary Hall.

Gender Equality Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro at the meeting, held today, agreed on the Work plan of the “Women Parliament“, which is to be held on the International Women Day 8th March 2013, with the aim of promoting human rights of women in Montenegro.

Topic: ”What is  the gender of security? UN Resolution 1325 Women, Peace and Security: Global – Regional – Local”, which is being held in Banja Luka, on 27th and 28th February 2013

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