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Skupština Crne Gore

Topic of the meeting: “Preventing violence against women: a challenge for all”

Presentation of the Study: Position of women in the armed forces of the Western Balkans 

Topic: Future of the Radio – Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women on the Radio

The Committee considered several amendments

Thursday, 06. February 2014. 13:29

25th meeting of the Gender Equality Committee held

At their 25th meeting held today, the Committee adopted the 2013 Performance Report of the Committee, formulated the 2014 Work Plan, and decided to organise a sitting titled “Women’s Parliament” for the third time, in order to promote female human rights in Montenegro and mark the International Women’s Day.

Initiative for introducing compulsory sexual education in the education system of Montenegro considered

The Committee supported the Report on Honouring Recommendations of the UN CEDAW

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