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The agenda of the Session of the “Women Parliament” determined.

Members of the Parliament and employees of the Parliament Service danced today as part of a global campaign as a protest of violence against women, titled “One Billion Rises”.

Tuesday, 12. February 2013. 12:43

Dance “Strike, Dance, Rise“

The Parliament of Montenegro to join the global campaign “One Billion Rising”, a protest of violence against women.

Friday, 08. February 2013. 09:10

Second meeting of the Gender Equality Committee

The Gender Equality Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro, held its second meeting today, where, as the interested working body, it considered the Proposal for the Law on Ratification of the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

During the conversation, the readiness for the continuation of successful cooperation expressed.

Wednesday, 16. January 2013. 12:10

Meeting Ms. Drobnjak – Mr. Numanović

Chairwoman of the Gender Equality Committee, Ms. Nada Drobnjak, held talks today with the Minister for Human and Minority Rights, Mr. Suad Numanović, Dr 

Wednesday, 26. December 2012. 12:35

First Meeting of the Gender Equality Committee held

Committee considered Proposal for the Law on Budget of Montenegro for 2013.

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