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In the first continuation of the Thirteenth meeting of the Security and Defence Committee, the Proposal for the Law on Protection of Persons and Property was considered. 

The meeting was attended by the following: Mr Jonas Jonsson, Head of Western Balkans Division at the European External Action Service, Mr Herbert Pribitzer, desk officer for Montenegro, Mr Mitja Drobnič, Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, Mr Alberto Cammarata, Head of the Political Sector to EU Delegation, Ms Annalisa Giansanti, Political Advisor at the EU Delegation, Chairperson and members of the Committee Mr Mevludin Nuhodžić, Mr Radivoje Nikčević, Mr Luiđ Ljubo Škrelja, Mr Suljo Mustafić, Mr Vasilije Lalošević, Mr Velizar Kaluđerović and Nebojša Medojević.

The meeting will be focused on Montenegro’s progress in the European integration process

During the panel, MPs exposed on the topic “Role of the Parliament and Political Parties in Communication of Euro-Atlantic Integration Process”

The Security and Defence Committee concluded the second continuation of the eleventh meeting, which was closed to public, discussing on that occasion the Information on the affair “Listing” in the light of arresting Mr Naser Keljmendi.

The dedication of our country and the Security and Defence Committee to implementation of the Code of Conduct on Politico-Military Aspects of Security was highlighted at the gathering, and the quality of cooperation of the Committee with the OSCE was pointed out as an example of good practice in the region  

The Chairperson of the Committee on Security and Defence Mr Mevludin Nuhodžić held a speech titled “Supervision over the Security and Defence Sector”

The Chairperson and the Members of the Committee on Security and Defence Mr Mevludin Nuhodžić, Mr Obrad Mišo Stanišić and Mr Velizar Kaluđerović are participating

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