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Podgorica Declaration against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence adopted

The conference organised by the Gender Equality Committee and the NGO Women's Safe House to continue tomorrow

24 - 25 November; Topic: “General and specialised services of assistance - guarantees of quality of service”

Tuesday, 10. November 2015. 12:58

Gender Equality Committee holds its 55th meeting

At its meeting held today, the Committee supported the II Report on Implementation of Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), which was adopted by the Government of Montenegro and submitted to the UN CEDAW Committee.

As a part of the Gender Seal Appraisal Mission, Chairperson of the Gender Equality Committee Ms Nada Drobnjak today held a meeting with Ms Kalyani Menon Son, UNDP gender expert, Ms Bharati Sadasivam, UNDP regional advisor and Ms Natalli Navarro, independent consultant. 

On the occasion of introducing a single SOS line for victims of domestic violence, a press conference was held in the Local Assembly of Nikšić. The conference was attended by Ms Nada Drobnjak, Chairperson of the Gender Equality Committee. 

Topic of the meeting: “Plan for Greater Consideration of Gender Aspects Through Work of the Parliament”

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