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Skupština Crne Gore
Saturday, 14. February 2015. 14:35

Men’s League against Violence against Women

Gender Equality Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro and NGO NOVA Centre for Feminist Culture, with support of the US Embassy to Montenegro, are implementing campaign “Men’s League against Violence against Women”

The Parliament of Montenegro - Saturday, 14 February, at 12:00 

Tuesday, 10. February 2015. 12:29

Gender Equality Committee held its 42nd meeting

At today’s 42nd meeting, Gender Equality Committee, among other things, considered the following:

Thursday, 29. January 2015. 12:35

Gender Equality Committee holds its 40th meeting

At its 40th meeting held today, the Gender Equality Committee adopted the 2014 Performance Report of the Gender Equality Committee. In addition, the Committee decided to organise a sitting of the “Women Parliament” this year as well, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, and agreed upon the upcoming activities.  

Chairperson of the Gender Equality Committee Ms Nada Drobnjak today met with representatives of the UNICEF Office to Montenegro - Social Policy Coordinator Ms Maja Kovačević and Education Specialist Ms Maja Manojlović.

Chairperson of the Gender Equality Committee Nada Drobnjak was an introductory speaker at the session „Overcoming gender inequality in Montenegro: where are we?“, at today held final conference of the project “Fast Forward Human Rights”. 

Friday, 05. December 2014. 13:53

Gender Equality Committee held 39th Meeting

Committee considered the Proposal for the Law on Budget of Montenegro for 2015 

Chairperson of the Gender Equality Committee Nada Drobnjak, attended a round table organized on the occasion of presenting research results published in the publication "Domestic violence in the Roma and Egyptian communities in Montenegro". 

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